A new era for ICO

There are many inspirational women in our leadership team at Tambia, so naturally we were delighted to hear that the International Coffee Organisation has elected its first female leader!

It has taken 59 long years for the company’s doors to open to a woman like Vanusia Nogueira, who took the reins in May. Nogueira grew up in Brazil’s coffee growing hotspot, Minas Gerais, but the coffee industry didn’t always appeal to her despite her father and grandfather's careers in it. However, degrees in IT and Management; a PhD in Business Administration with Marketing and 20 years experience in the private sector served her well when she returned to her homeland and found the Brazilian coffee market struggling. Fearing that the growers wouldn’t survive the economic conditions much longer, Nogueira stepped in to come up with a new strategy for the local industry.

Today, Brazil is the world’s largest producer and biggest supplier of sustainably certified coffee in the world. As one of the founders of the World Coffee Producers Forum; consultant for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), Rainforest Alliance, Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE); and outgoing Director of the Brazilian Association of Specialty Coffees (BSCA), we’ve no doubt Nogueira has had a firm hand in the country’s success.

Going forward, Nogueira aims for the International Coffee Organisation to represent all countries that produce or consume coffee. She’s taking on her new role in a male dominated industry at a tough time economically, politically and climatically, but she’s unphased by the challenge ahead. “I always say there are no problems; there are challenges and opportunities and we need to find new solutions,” she told the British Coffee Association. “It’s a good time to have creativity.”

Quality and sustainability are top priorities for Nogueira, and she believes collaboration between countries is key. Normalising certification, sharing best practice and increasing consumption will help the sector continue to thrive amongst the next generation.

We’re so excited to see the International Coffee Organisation go from strength to strength under Vanusia Nogueira’s strategic direction.

¡Buena suerte!

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