Our Promise

When you choose Tambia you can be confident that we expertly and lovingly care for our land, our trees, our team, and our community. This is what it takes to sustainably deliver our world-class, single origin Colombian coffee beans to you. Their journey begins and ends with us: from seed, all the way to your cup.

  • People

    We’re perfectly positioned on the world map to grow the finest coffee plants – but it’s the people who make our coffee so deliciously different. Our team members are proud masters of their crafts: planting, harvesting, processing, roasting, packaging and posting our world-class beans with their own fair hands.

  • Place

    We’ve been in the business of coffee farming for three generations, so we know exactly what conditions our coffee plants love. Our farmlands have been carefully chosen for their unique altitudes, microclimates, soils, and the natural springs that surround them. These factors nurture both complexity and balance of flavour in our beans.

  • Planet

    The wellbeing of our planet and people is integral to our business. We’re Rainforest Alliance Certified, and we farm according to its three pillars of sustainability. Our coffee pouches and mailers are carbon neutral and our mailers are made from 65% recycled paper. We’re constantly working towards more sustainable ways of growing, producing and distributing our coffee.

  • Purpose

    We make a positive impact on the communities we’re part of through our non-profit foundation, Funación Oro Molido. As well as creating jobs and contributing to our local economies, the Foundation offers support, healthcare, education and enrichment programs for young people in our farming community.