• Geisha, Washed | Light Roast

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Geisha, Washed | Light Roast


From our spring harvest, a delicate and aromatic Geisha with flavours of tart strawberry, lemon and matcha. The light roast allows the nuanced flavours to shine through in each sip. As always these beans have been nurtured and harvested on our farm. This specific lot is from Finca La Sierra in Antioquia, Colombia.

About the Geisha varietal:  
Geisha coffee is renowned for its unusual flavour profile, intensely aromatic and floral, with flavours of tropical fruits. The rewards of this coffee do not come easy. It is low yielding with shallow roots, so it is susceptible to wind damage and needs regular rainfall and careful management.

While it is famous for being one of the most difficult to grow, it is also known as one of the most expensive coffees available on the market. We are proud to offer this unique coffee as its availability is a symbol of our careful and attentive farming practices. We're also pleased to offer it at a fair price which we're able to do because our coffee comes direct from our farms, there are no middlemen involved in our supply chain. 


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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Not only is it essential to Tambia’s success; it’s the best gift we can give to the land we love.

Find out more about our sustainability promises here.

Geisha, Washed | Light Roast

Our single origin speciality coffee is grown on our own mountain farms and picked, processed and packed by hand. We then expertly roast our beans in the UK for maximum freshness. This coffee is grown on our La Sierra Farm, positioned on the slopes of the extinct volcano Cerro Bravo. It’s high-altitude soils are perfect for growing speciality coffee like this one.

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  • Origin:

    Finca La Sierra, Antioquia, Colombia

This is where it all starts...

You can sip your Tambia coffee safe in the knowledge that you’re tasting the best of the best.

The Journey

This is where it all starts. A single coffee bean (which is actually a seed!) is pushed into the earth to begin its life. It’ll take anywhere between 2.5 and 6 months for the little plant to sprout, but we always maintain faith that our soils are working their magic.

Once the cherries have been picked, the race is on. It’s really important that the fruit doesn’t spoil before we can get to the beans. 

We want your coffee to reach you freshly roasted. That’s why our roaster is UK-based, and roasts a brand new batch every Wednesday to our careful specifications.