Beans, glorious coffee beans!

We make no secret of the fact that our coffee beans come directly from our own farms, Oro Molido – in fact, it’s what we love to talk about most! Unlike most coffee companies, we own and manage our entire supply chain: from planting and processing, to export and import, all the way through to roasting and delivery. When our beans arrive at your door, you can be sure they’ve been handled with care every step of the way.

We want to share our unique processing and roasting methods with you. We’ve carefully honed these to ensure our coffee consistently receives Q scores of 84 and above.

Rest and relaxation

Growing up is never easy! Once our beans have been grown, picked and processed using natural, honey and washed methods, they’re rested for 1-2 months in reposo (a dry warehouse) to allow their flavour to mature. During this time they’re enclosed in protective layers of parchment, and their moisture content is kept consistently low to prevent them from rotting.

Preparing to see the world

After a good rest, it’s time for their next adventure. Just before they’re exported, our beans are hulled in a dry mull to remove the parchment. Then they’re graded and sorted, first by intelligent machines that examine their size and colour, and then by hand!

When they’re ready, it’s time to be packed into jute bags, which will protect them on their long journey to the roastery.

The art and science of our world-class coffee portfolio

We’re very proud of our portfolio of coffees. We’ve already created a number of micro-lots to showcase our top quality single origin beans, and we’re looking forward to creating more in the future. Each micro-lot represents a unique flavour profile, customised through preparation and roasting.

Our partnership with the Colombian Coffee Federation allows us access to the latest scientific research and state of the art laboratory facilities. By learning, codifying, exploring and repeating our methods, we’re not only able to grow consistently great coffee but customise new coffee flavour profiles for Tambia coffee drinkers like you. You’re worth it!

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