“Best Subscription” ideas include Tambia Coffee!

Tambia has been featured in Esquire, ShortList, Delicious, Loti, and SquareMeal to name a few. Here’s what they have to say about our farms, approach to farming, and our coffee.

“When you subscribe to Tambia Coffee, you will be safe in the knowledge that they know the provenance of the beans - because they actually grow them! There is a lot on the site about the community of coffee growers they have and the initiatives they do to make sure that the farmers not only deliver the best product but are well catered for as well.” - The ShortList

“Eco-conscious coffee brand Tambia launched in November of this year, and everything is sourced from the third-generation family-owned farms in the Central Andean mountains of Antioquia and Sierra Nevada's Magdalena, Colombia, as well as two farms in Tanzania. Hand-planted, picked and processed, you can now buy a subscription to their single-origin coffee beans.” - Esquire

“There are lots of artisan coffee brands out there, but we like Tambia because it owns its own farms in Colombia, so rather than sourcing from suppliers across the globe, it has total oversight over the entire farm-to-cup process. Its single origin beans are hand-planted, hand-picked and hand-processed, ensuring the most delicious beans and a really honest product.” - SQUAREMEAL

“This new coffee brand owns its own farms in Colombia, so they’re really doing seed-to-cup coffee made from single origin beans. A must for coffee lovers.” - Loti

“Unlike most coffee companies, Tambia owns its own coffee farms. Their Colombian coffee is grown and then transported straight from their farm to roastery and lastly into your cup. Owning the entire process, Tambia is in control of all aspects of the coffee production process.” - Delicious

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