Destination Coffee: New Zealand Ranks!

Recently, we had a bit of fun with TikTok, Instagram and TripAdvisor data. The idea was to discover the locations where coffee culture is thriving by analyzing what users are posting and sharing. Our research summed the number of posts and video views under the hashtag #[city]coffee on Instagram and TikTok for 365 cities around the world, along with the number of coffee shops in those cities according to TripAdvisor data.  

We thought this would provide some global inspiration on where to grab a coffee on your travels.  It wasn’t an absolute, set in stone, to die for list. But, even knowing that, we were not braced for the coffee storm that came from New Zealand. Heck, we even took a hit to our nearly perfect Trustpilot score with one reader saying “Shame on you for not including Wellington!” And another reader contacted us saying, “You missed out Wellington, NZ entirely. You have included dozen of appalling U.S. cities who filter their damn beans, simply because there are more of them and they post a particular hashtag more? Sheesh.”

We’ve HEARD you New Zealand! You are passionate coffee drinkers with a long list of vibrant, thriving coffee shops with skilled baristas serving up some of the best brew in the world to some seriously dedicated coffee drinkers. And you aren’t necessarily compelled to post about it. So we asked you to share your favourite spots with us and you answered the call - schooling us along the way.

Move over New York, Melbourne, Riyadh, Toronto, Hanoi and all the rest. New Zealanders have spoken! 🌏☕️

Keep the recommendations coming and we’ll continue to add them here. Contact us!

Peoples Coffee, Wellington

Customs, Wellington

Hanger, Wellington

Coffee Cave, Wellington

Ozone, New Plymouth

Havana Coffee Works, Wellington

L'affare, Wellington

Flight Coffee, Wellington

Kōkako, Auckland

Altezano Brothers, Auckland

Eightthirty Coffee Roasters, Auckland

Twenty Eight, Lower Hutt

La Marchē Française, Wellington

Tob Coffee, Auckland

New Chapter, Wellington

Millers Coffee, Auckland

New Chapter, Wellington

Ripe Coffee Roasters' Ministry of Health branch , Hauora

Sublime, Nelson

Kush, Nelson

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