Tambia x Skylark, a World Class Roasting Partner(ship)

At Tambia Coffee, we are Farmers. We care for our land, we invest in our team and our community, and while we are at it, we grow, harvest and process some pretty spectacular coffee.  It’s a process that comes with risk, but our decades of expertise and experience in growing and selling our green beans ensure we produce the highest quality specialty coffee beans across a range of varieties and processes season after season. 

In 2022, when we decided to sell our beans directly to UK customers as roasted coffee, we needed to ensure the same standards of quality in the profiling and roasting of our beans as we do when we are growing, harvesting and processing on our farms in Colombia.  

We are delighted to announce that we are working in partnership with Micah Sherer and the team at Skylark Coffee in Brighton in the roasting of Tambia’s beans. Micah brings coffee credentials worthy of the best Specialty coffees and a strong philanthropic mindset.

In his 15 years in the coffee industry, Micah Sherer has been a finalist in barista championships, and spent years working for one of the largest green coffee trading companies. He reckons he’s sampled, profiled, and roasted thousands of different lots and cupped millions (!!!) of cups of coffee - his cupping and profiling credentials are truly world class. 

The other and more important reason we view Micah and Skylark as a true partner, is their focus on Origin. The Skylark team talk and write about the importance of Origin in coffee, and that often too much of the profit in the coffee industry is directed downstream, to roasters and away from the Origin.  Skylark Coffee is a registered non-profit, with all proceeds going to Origin and local community projects. 

Skylark have chosen to work with Tambia because we sell coffee directly from our farms in Colombia, from Origin. We aren’t selling you coffee from Northern Scotland or Cornwall, or Brixton. Our coffee has not been traded through many hands, just expertly nurtured and processed by us and freshly roasted for you by our exceptional partners at Skylark Coffee in Brighton. 

Learn more about Skylark Coffee and Micah Sherer here. 

Tambia x Skylark Cupping

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