“Going Global”

Tambia is proud to be featured in Boughton’s Coffee House, February 2023 edition. Boughton’s is a prominent UK trade magazine and website that aims to “bring everyone from the world of coffee together in a community that shares ideas, innovations and industry insight to help businesses to grow.”


“We created Tambia Coffee as a channel through which we could shine a spotlight on our coffee of course, but more so, on our farms, our communities, the flora and fauna of Colombia, the work we do to protect the environment and our investment in the local families. In essence, our origin and our ethos of quality and generations-old expertise is what makes us different.”

“Our farms are centered in Antioquia (Campo Amor, La Sierra, Las Nubes, Mango Chiquito) but complemented by others in different geographies including Huila (Southern Colombia) and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Vista Nieve). Our expansion over the years has been purposeful – seeking only farms at high altitudes, with many water sources, rich volcanic soils and well-draining – in order to ensure the highest quality production across all our farms.”

“Our farms cannot run without the support of the local residents. They work with us and have helped us build our farms over the years. We believe as employers, it’s important to offer career progression opportunities to the people who are spending time working with us. Some of our employees have worked with us for more than 20 years. Many of our team members started working as coffee pickers and over time, with experience and training, have developed into more senior roles such as managers or coffee quality graders.”

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