Most Beautiful Cities to Enjoy Coffee

Most Beautiful Cities to Enjoy Coffee

When it comes to the most beautiful cities to have a coffee, it comes down to aesthetics and pleasing visuals of the coffee houses themselves. We analysed Instagram data to find the cities that are sure to get your like-count surging on Instagram, along with questions about where it was you were sat sipping that day. 

The data reveals that Australian cities, home of creative, artful coffee shops, have the most beautiful coffee shops in the world. Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane take the first four places, with London completing the top five. 

It’s easy to understand why Australian cities feature so highly, the ever-present radiant and glowing sunshine acts as a bright backdrop to the cities’ array of artistic, light and airy locations. The golden hour glow compliments the rustic, contemporary designs and the sharp splashes of greenery give life to the buzzing atmosphere that you can only find in a coffee house. 

Hopefully this coffee guide inspires you to seek out some of these destinations for yourself. Whether you’re newcomer to the coffee scene or a seasoned latte lover, there’s plenty to experiment with to see what suits your tastebuds!

And then you can always come home to some of your favorite Tambia Coffee!  

Methodology and data

To find the most beautiful cities for coffee content on social media, Tambia gathered data on the number of posts under the hashtag #[city]coffee on Instagram for 365 cities. All data correct as of February 2023.

Full data can be found here.

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