The best coffee is the coffee you like, so here is a guide to help you find it.

  • Additions: Milk, sugar, cream, cold, hot, frothy – you can modify your coffee in many ways and get a different taste. As a general rule, darker roasts work better with milk, cream and sugar. When trying a new coffee, if you like sugar and/or milk, try adding less and taste it, then add more if desired. It is easy to add, not so easy to take away. 

  • Light roast vs medium roast – our Castillo light roast has more fruit flavours while the medium roast has more chocolatey flavours. 

  • Cafetiere, moka and espresso are traditionally brewed with medium to dark roasts while drip coffee and aeropress work well with light or medium roasts. 

  • Strength – do you like strong coffee? From strongest to weakest – espresso, moka, aeropress, cafetiere, and drip. 

  • To make a stronger coffee, you can always add more coffee. 

  • Brew temperatures: just off the boil is a good place to start

  • Brew time: the coarser the grind size, the longer the brew time, so cafetiere is 4-5 minutes, espresso is around 30 seconds. 

  • Turbulence/pressure/agitation – for a quicker result – stir the coffee more, or apply pressure, this is why the espresso machine, the moka and the aeropress all have shorter brew times. 

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