The Founders’ Story

It began generations ago in Fredonia, Antioquia, with our grandparents’ ambition to transform their acres of rich and fertile land into a speciality coffee farm. These farms are named Oro Molido, meaning ground gold. They were respectful neighbours with a deep understanding of the consequences of their farming methods on the wider landscape, and they were determined to make a positive impact on their community by creating jobs and improving the local economy. Today, we are immensely proud of the quality of our coffee, and have become well known beyond just our region.  Over the last 20 years, our dedication has allowed us to invest in new farmlands across Huila, Antioquia and Santa Marta, carefully selecting each for its unique altitude and microclimate. We’ve also acquired 800 hectares of Tanzanian farmland, nestled into the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro where the soil is perfect for growing complex, well-balanced coffee.  If our founders could see the brand we’ve become today, they’d be proud of the values we’ve held strong. Just like them, we care for our land and our neighbours by investing in local foundations, making responsible environmental choices and enabling our employees to thrive 

Tambia embodies Oro Molido’s heritage and ethos and is proud to be the face of Oro Molido in the UK. We offer a range of Arabica coffee to get your taste buds tingling – from Castillo and Caturra to the prized Pink Bourbon – all processed and finished to create an exciting spectrum of coffees. Each of our unique blends is perfectly balanced with subtle layers of aroma and a depth of flavour like no other. Our trusty signature blend, a Castillo washed process, is available throughout the year, but if you’re an adventurous coffee drinker you might like to try our special seasonal varieties, which vary with the harvest. We’re also proud to feature a selection of exceptional guest coffees in our Friends of Tambia range.  We set out to produce coffee for everyone that loves a great brew, but it turns out that our coffee is making waves amongst the connoisseurs, too. It’s consistently awarded Q scores of 84+ thanks to attributes including its body, flavour and balance, which officially names it specialty coffee


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