The Oro Molido Foundation

In Spanish Oro Molido means ground gold and this is the name we’ve given to our collection of coffee farms in Colombia. We have eight farms, situated in the northern part of the country in Antioquia, Magdalena and Huila.  It’s a special part of the world for its land and environment but, equally, for its people.  On our Oro Molido farms it's the people who realize our potential and enable us to bring you the Tambia coffee that you love to drink.  

Our non-profit organization, Oro Molido Funación, was created in 2015 to support these rural communities that are too often characterized by poverty and lack of education and opportunity.  The foundation is committed to providing programs for children and young people from our rural coffee-growing families with the support they need to help them thrive. This can be through scholarships to study, teaching them the skills they need to work in the coffee economy, and supporting health and well being.  We also support farmers to have an active role in the transformation of rural areas by dignifying their work and promoting key skills. Both the foundation and our company are also committed to protecting the environment by making preservation a priority.

We work across three key areas to create sustainable programs to help our community.  

  • Education

  • Health & Wellness

  • Infrastructure

To comply with and develop its projects, the Oro Molido S.A. family supplies resources, receives donations, and creates strategic alliances with other organizations and foundations, which helps create a higher impact.

If you are interested in supporting the foundation you can contact us here.

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